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Samsung Imagines A Future With Flexible 3D AMOLED Screens

by Emily Price | December 5, 2011December 5, 2011 7:00 am PST

Samsung has already talked about potentially releasing a flexible display for mobile phones in 2012, and now the company has uploaded a video to YouTube showing some of that technology off and adding a 3D element into the mix.

The video most definitely is showcasing a concept rather than an actual product, but it gives you a glimpse at what Samsung thinks is ultimately in our future. During the 30-second clip a flexible, 3D, adjustable-size phone/tablet is used to translate a conversation, order food, and take photos.

Definitely an interesting idea, and a fun video to watch. I’m personally hesitant to believe 3D is going to catch on in a mainstream way any time soon, but flexible displays could be pretty useful. At Nokia World in October Nokia was also showing off a flexible phone that could be controlled by bending the screen. The idea behind Nokia’s flexible handset was primarily to use the technology in situations where using a touchscreen is impractical, for instance in the middle of winter while you’re wearing gloves. With a flexible screen you can bend the corners of the screen to navigate through menus rather than having to use the touchscreen or flexible buttons.

What do you think? Are flexible 3D phones in our future?


Emily Price

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