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Halfbrick Developing Fruit Ninja Sequel

by Joey Davidson | December 5, 2011December 5, 2011 8:15 pm PST

Get ready to take revenge on all of those various fruits for what they wrought against your various friends, family and loved ones. Halfbrick Games, the development studio behind titles like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, is officially working on a new entry in the Fruit Ninja line.

The news comes from a rather unexpected source, as New South Wales Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner made the announcement in a speech concerning Australia’s governmental program to fund video game development studios. Halfbrick was one of the companies to take advantage of the funding as they accepted 3 million AUD to open up a new studio in Sydney, Australia. Here’s Stoner on the fund and, briefly, Fruit Ninja:

“This fund will help NSW build its share of the high-value digital games sector, which will be increasingly important in developing serious business and education tools, as well as entertainment games, like the latest Fruit Ninja project…”

Halfbrick’s Marketing Director Phil Larsen followed up Stoner’s announcement with his own words regarding his company’s next:

“At this stage, we are beginning the prototyping phase of our Sydney-based Fruit Ninja project, and all gameplay details are still completely unconfirmed…

…We’ll be making something new, and it will be a great addition to our Fruit Ninja franchise, but the game could definitely take many different directions — the team is just getting started, and game development is a long and complicated road!”

While the mobile version of Fruit Ninja is still widely regarded as the champion of things that are juicily sliced, the Kinect edition of the game has become a favorite among users both casual and seeking a workout. If you’ve ever played the game in its controller-less Xbox 360 format, then you’ll certainly be able to attest to its ability to absolutely ruin your arms through a single play session.

Whatever the team is planning, we’re interested. We’ll have more on this fruity follow-up as it comes.

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