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EA Brings Subscription Model to…Tetris

by Joey Davidson | December 2, 2011December 2, 2011 12:15 pm PST

A new Tetris game has been released by EA for the iOS platform. That, in itself, is cool news that I can get behind. The nuts-o part of this whole thing is the new subscription model the publisher is bringing into the Tetris mix; EA has created the T-Club…I’m not kidding.

The base game is $0.99, while the optional subscription fee is $2.99 per month (or $29.99 per year). Subscribing will get you exclusive content, exclusive challenges, discounts and boosters for rank progression. It’s like Call of Duty Elite, but somehow even more ridiculous.

Those of you following me on Twitter [insert shameless self promotion here] will have already seen the absolutely stupid meme I made simply for this occasion over on the right. The fact is, I’m genuinely baffled by EA‘s decision to make Tetris, one of the most re-made and re-purposed puzzle games ever, into a subscription based experience.

That’s the dream for publishers, though, isn’t it? Create an inexpensive game based on a property that guarantees sales with its name alone, and then invent an unnecessary subscription service to sucker the most dedicated fans into paying more for content that used to be part of the experience after the price of entry. This is Tetris, folks, and EA has found a way to milk it for even more money.

Will you (please say “no”) be joining the T-Club? Think of all the imaginary points and ranks you’ll gain with all of the premium boosters you’ve unlocked by paying $2.99 on a monthly basis! You’ll be a virtual god of clean wall construction in the face of awkwardly shaped blocks!

Otherwise, the new Tetris for iOS devices looks like a fun experience well worth $0.99. Honestly, consider picking it up if you’re a fan of the series and style.

[via Gamasutra]

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