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Another Day, Another Droid RAZR? Droid RAZRMAX may be Verizon Bound

by Noah Kravitz | December 2, 2011December 2, 2011 3:30 pm PDT

Don’t look now, Moto fans, but there might be another Droid RAZR already in the works for launch on Verizon Wireless. Though the Droid RAZR just launched a few weeks back, it lacks the latest gotta-have-it smartphone feature, a 720p HD display. Never fear, Verizon fans, Droid RAZRMAX is here!

PocketNow came across some EXIF (photo) data marked with the RAZRMAX name, and while the data itself doesn’t reveal much beyond a CDMA-flavored OS build with “spyder_max” in its name, the folks over there did some sleuthing and came up with a little bit more for the rumor mill. Seems a poster on RAZR Forums claims to have been in a Verizon store asking about Droid RAZR’s battery life when a sales rep told him to hold off for a new model that’s a little bit thicker because it’s got a beefier battery inside. The mystery phone’s name? “Razr Max,” of course.

So maybe there’s something to this RAZRMAX thing, after all, despite the fact that it feels silly talking about a Droid RAZR successor so soon after its launch, and before Galaxy Nexus has even landed in the States. But, hey, since we’re on the topic anyway I’ll add this to the mix: Motorola recently launched the XT929 “Dinara” for China Telecom, and it’s a doozy, featuring a 4.5″, 720p display and 13 megapixel camera. Apparently Moto’s referring to it as, “A camera that comes with a phone.”

Maybe, just maybe RAZRMAX will share some DNA with Dinara. That might do a little to help with the silliness of yet another Droid RAZR phone coming so soon on the heels of the RAZR revival.

[Source: PocketNowRAZR Forums]

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