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One Absurd Minecraft Build Features 1:1 Game Boy in Motion (Video)

by Joey Davidson | December 1, 2011December 1, 2011 9:15 am PST

Three Minecrafters got together over the course of four weeks, for seven days each week and over seven hours each day in order to create the video clip you see above. Minecraft A2Z, as the gamers’ collective blog is called, is the home of the stop-motion animation video you see above, and their server, as indicated in the clip, is public.

What’s happening in the video up top is a lot more simple than it looks. Time consuming? Yes. But still pretty simple in the nature of its engineering. These gamers played Super Mario Land on an emulator, recorded that play through and split it up into frames. They then used those still images as reference points in creating 1:1 versions with blocks of wool in Minecraft.

They assumed a vantage point, as you see in the clip, and then took screenshots of each image as they rebuilt it over and over again. Those stills were put into movie editing software at equal intervals and sent into motion. The whole thing, as mentioned above, is a stop-motion clip done entirely in Minecraft.

That’s scary. Awesome. But scary.

[via Minecraft A2Z, Kotaku]

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