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Is There An Apple HDTV In Our Future?

by Emily Price | December 1, 2011December 1, 2011 12:15 pm PST

Could we see a full-fledged Apple-branded HDTV next year? Apple analyst Gene Munster thinks so, commenting on the potential device at a media conference yesterday morning.

Muster thinks that the television will be priced close to twice that of a traditional TV of the same size, but will come with a number of bundled features that make it worth the higher price tag. For instance, rather than having to connect a game console to your television, you will instead be able to download titles from the web. You’ll also be able to control the television using your computer, iPhone, and even Siri rather than just a traditional remote control.

Changing channels on an Apple HDTV could be as easy as saying “HBO” into your phone rather than having to remember what channel HBO actually is on. You’ll still have to have a traditional cable box, but installation will involve simply connecting the box to your television using a coax cable rather than any kind of other extensive setup.

Munster believes that Apple will release the television in time for next year’s holiday season, a rumor that has been backed up by a few other sources as well.

What do you think? Would you be interested in an Apple-branded HDTV?

[via BusinessInsider]

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