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Check Out This Gorgeous Red Dead Redemption Custom Cover

I know I’m Jazzed about this for two main reasons: I love minimalistic art when applied to pop culture, and Red Dead Redemption stands as one of my favorite games of all time. Aside from playing games constantly, I grew up to be a pretty major movie buff. I even landed a film degree in college (despite my parents’ best attempts at telling me how pointless it was). Red Dead Redemption is an ode to the western genre of cinema, and the custom cover above paints that idea beautifully.

To give credit where credit is due, here’s how I wound up seeing the cover above. First, I found it posted on Reddit. Then, one gentleman/scholar informed the comment thread that the cover was the work of NeoGAF user Rengoku. Rengoku posted it in NeoGAF’s own custom cover thread.

That’s right, there’s a thread filled with custom covers like the one above. Even better, the thread’s original post has directions concerning how and where to get the covers physically printed for real use.

I figured the whole set, especially the Red Dead Redemption cover, was too good not to share with you folks.

Props go out to every single gaming community member involved. For the cover above and the covers in the NeoGAF thread specifically for this, I love you people. These kinds of things are exactly why I love being a member of video game culture. Now, off I go to Google so I can find a halfway decent printing shop that isn’t Kinko’s.

What do you think of custom gaming covers and minimalist art as applied to the medium? Is it cool, lame or way too geeky for your tastes?

[via Reddit, NeoGAF]

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