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Rhythm Heaven Bound for Wii in North America

by Joey Davidson | November 30, 2011November 30, 2011 4:15 pm PDT

Joystiq got word from a reader and tipster this morning that confirms the North American birth of one of this generation’s iconic Japanese gaming franchises: Rhythm Heaven. According to the next issue of Nintendo Power, Rhythm Heave Fever is heading to the Wii in February of 2012.

Rhythm Heaven is, you guessed it, a rhythm game. However, rather than a scrolling board of button indicators set to music, Rhythm Heaven employs an odd visual tactic of meeting weird animations with timing. The whole thing is hard to explain, so I included a video of the Japanese version of Rhythm Heaven Fever above. The explanations are in Japanese, but the game is visually comprehensible, so you’ll be able to figure it out.

Okay, so why should you care? Rhythm Heaven is amazing, that’s why. Rhythm Heaven Fever has been out since July of this year in Japan as みんなのリズム天国, or Everyone’s Rhythm Heaven. Since then, it’s been a regular staple in the Japanese gaming sales charts. More than that, though, is the fact that since the original DS game that even us Americans got to see, Japan has populated its arcades with several iterations of Rhythm Heaven. People love it.

It’s silly, it’s addictive, it’s whacky and it’s a great time. Rhythm Heaven is one of my favorite gaming series. In fact, I’ve even covered the Nintendo DS edition of Rhythm Heaven for our weekly Hidden Gems column.

When February comes, if you’re a Wii owner, pick this one up.

Joey Davidson

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