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“Olive” Is First Feature Film Shot With a Smartphone

by Mike Perlman | November 30, 2011November 30, 2011 11:30 am PDT

Olive is  the first feature film shot with a smartphone (and with a wildly expensive 35mm lens to achieve that shallow depth of field, of course). But the fact that the new independent film was shot entirely using a Nokia N8 is quite impressive, and a first in the movie world.

San Francisco radio show personality Hooman Khallili’s new Kickstarter project stars actress Gena Rowlands (The Notebook), among other independent stars. Olive is described as

A little girl that goes into the lives of three people — an old lonely woman, a foreigner having a hard time acclimating in the United States, and an obese man — and transforms their lives without saying one word!

Olive is also unique in that its financing was done devoid of any corporate handouts. Khallili’s goal is to raise enough independent funds to screen Olive on over 2,000 theaters throughout the States without backing from a major studio.

Of course the professional sound, lighting and that 35mm lens made the film possible, but it’s interesting to note the crew’s choice of smartphone, the Nokia N8. Obviously, the iPhone 4S had not come out before the film was in production, but it would be interesting to hear from Khallili why his gang went with the Nokia.

Check out the video of the Nokia N8 rig Khallili’s crew used to film Olive.

[Via: Kickstarter]

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