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Microsoft Office Is Reportedly Heading to Your iPad & the Mac App Store

by Killian Bell | November 30, 2011November 30, 2011 4:00 am PST

Microsoft Office on iPad

Microsoft has never shied away from creating applications for rival operating systems. In Apple’s App Store, for example, you can find a number of Microsoft apps built for iOS, like Windows Live Messenger, Photosynth, Bing, and Microsoft OneNote. According to some sources, the company is also planning an iPad version of its Office productivity suite.

With Apple’s incredibly popular tablet making up a whopping 80% of the tablet market, Microsoft sees the opportunity to cash in on those crying out for Office on their iPad, according to a report from The Daily. The Redmond, Washington, based company is said to be “actively working on adapting its popular software suite” for the device already.

In addition to an iPad edition of Office, Microsoft will reportedly bring its desktop package for the Mac to the Mac App Store, according to claims from the same source. Office 2011 — the most recent edition of the software — officially supports Mac OS X up to Snow Leopard, but official Lion support expected to arrive with the Mac App Store release.

Both of these products are likely to integrate with Office 365, and other mobile versions of Office such as that built for Microsoft’s own Windows Phone platform. The price of Office for the iPad is expected to be “significantly lower than existing Office products,” according to the report, with an estimated price tag around $10.

That’s the same price that Apple charges for its own iWork productivity apps for iOS, like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, with which Office would be competing. And based on the popularity of Microsoft Office, it’s safe to assume this package would quite comfortably become the most popular for iOS users.

The software is one of Microsoft’s most successful products, second only to the Windows operating system, raking in more than $15 billion in revenue during 2011 alone, according to Business Insider. A number that will surely increase in 2012 if the software does indeed arrive on the iPad.

Would you like to see Microsoft Office on the iPad, or are you happy with what’s already available for the device?

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