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Skyrim Getting Dragon Shout, iOS Companion Map App

The world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is enormous. What’s more, in this humongous world, as is now synonymous with Bethesda‘s RPGs, there is a ton of stuff to see, do and collect. As mere mortal gamers, it’s impossible for us to accurately remember where we left that suit of armor when we were over-encumbered that one time, or how to reach that one cottage we wanted to check out but couldn’t because of a pressing quest. Instead, we’re left to forget about all the epic things we once encountered in order to press through the adventure ahead.

Well, with an upcoming iOS app for the Skyrim adventurers among us, exploring the world and its offerings is about to get a lot easier. Enter Dragon Shout, an unofficial app on its way to the App Store for iOS devices. At first glance, Dragon Shout is basically an interactive map for the world of Skyrim that carries with it the capabilities for users to make map markers or create game notes relative to their quests.

However, further down the line, this app will be capable of creating a sort of social network for the world of Skyrim and the Dragon Born that take to it constantly. You’ll be able to share all of your notes and points with your friends once you each create Dragon Shout accounts and make use of the application. Say you want your buddy to find the same heap of goods you came across in your journey; you’ll leave them a note concerning the locale through the app and walk away knowing you just helped a fellow adventurer in need.

Companion apps have been coming in waves with every game release since the App Store first caught on. However, Dragon Shout may have a chance at becoming the most useful and handy of its genre.

The price of this bad boy once it’s cleared for release? $0.00. That’s right, free. You can’t complain about that.

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