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RIM Introduces BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, Supports Android and iOS Devices

BlackBerry Bold 9790, Curve 9380 featuredThis morning RIM unveiled BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, its first multi-platform MDM solution. The device management and security software builds off its BlackBerry Enterprise servers, and can be used with BlackBerry devices, but also those running Android and iOS.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion allows all of the devices in a business to be managed from one web-based console, no matter what OS the device is running. It also provides the necessary management capabilities to allow IT departments to oversee the use of both company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices within an organization.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion will provide the following mobile device management capabilities for all supported mobile devices:

• Asset management
• Configuration  management
• Security and policy definition and management
• Secure and protect lost or stolen devices (remote lock, wipe)
• User- and group-based administration
• Multiple device per user capable
• Application and software management
• Connectivity management (Wi-Fi, VPN, certificate)
• Centralized console
• High scalability

BlackBerry has started to lose quite a bit of its business customers over the past few years to iOS and Android users. Since BlackBerry Mobile Fusion supports all three platforms, it’s likely that RIM will be able to hold on to a few customers with its software on the back-end, while losing those same customers in the device market.

The service is currently in early beta testing, with applications available for businesses to take part in a closed-beta testing of the service starting in January.

Emily Price

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