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iOS 5.1 Beta References an Unreleased iPad 2 That Could Be Destined for Sprint

Following the beta release of Apple’s iOS 5.1 firmware yesterday, developers have begun performing their customary investigations into the secrets hidden within Apple’s code. One such search has uncovered a new product identifier for an unreleased iPad 2 that hasn’t previously been spotted in the iOS software.

Sprint iPad 2 identifier

The iPad 2 product identifiers we already know about are ‘iPad2,1’, which is the Wi-Fi-only model; ‘iPad2,2’, which is the 3G-equipped GSM model built for AT&T; and ‘iPad2,3’, which is the 3G-equipped CDMA model built for Verizon. The new device, however, sports an ‘iPad2,4’ identifier, and could be a new model destined for the Now Network.

The iPad 2 has been rumored to be heading to Sprint in the past, but this is the first time we’ve seen any evidence for a fourth model. Having introduced Sprint to its iPhone family back in October — with the release of the 8GB iPhone and the new iPhone 4S — it certainly seems feasible that Apple would supply the carrier with its iPad 2.

Of course, these product identifiers by no means guarantee a new device, so this certainly isn’t concrete evidence that Sprint will get the iPad 2. However, we have no reason to believe Sprint won’t get the iPad at some point — it may just be that Apple waits until the iPad 3 is ready to launch before it introduces a third carrier to the device.

And that iPad 3 has also been spotted for the first time in the iOS 5.1 beta, with the identifier ‘iPad3,3’.

iPad 3 identifier?

Would you like to see the iPad 2 on Sprint?

[via 9to5Mac]

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