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New Technology Helps Apple Employees Find You In The Store

by Emily Price | November 28, 2011November 28, 2011 11:15 am PST

Apple Store for iOS logoNext time you head to your local Apple Store to pick up a purchase, Apple employees may be able to find you a little quicker.

Over Black Friday Apple test drove a new feature of the Apple Store app that allows employees to easily find customers in the store. To use the functionality, you would need to use the Apple Store app to shop before you arrive at the store. Once you walk inside, the app’s location feature will notify workers you’ve arrived and let them know where you are located within the store so your purchases can be brought to you.

The functionality behind the service is pretty similar to what is already being used in Apple Stores with iPads set up beside products. Currently if you need help, you can request an employee to come to you from one of the iPads, and store workers receive a notification on their in-store iPod touches letting them know someone needs help, where they are, and giving them the opportunity to respond to the request.

I’m torn on how I feel about this one. On one hand, I love that I could in theory do all my shopping on my phone, walk in a store, and have my purchases handed to me. On the other, I think I would find Apple employees knowing I’m there a little on the creepy side. If spending time enough in the store to interact with an employee in the traditional sense was too much, I would probably order something online before I would pre-order it on my phone and go to pick it up. It’s kind of like going to a fancy restaurant to get dinner, but getting it to go….weird.

What do you think? Would you order things on your phone and then let an Apple employee come to you to deliver your purchases?

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