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Love Skyrim? Have an e-Reader? Download the In-game Books

If you really loved The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then you’ve already spent countless hours pouring over the books scattered around the game world. Bethesda took it upon themselves to push the lore of their realm out on all sides by physically writing pieces of fiction to fill the bindings of Skyrim‘s in-game books. You can read them, when you’re not slaying dragons or deciding which mountain to climb.

One gamer/blogger is doing the work of the gods for us lowly peasants. He actually took it upon himself to find the files for the in-game books, toss them into text document formats and create a full book for the masses with e-readers. Here’s how it went down, as per his blog:

Lately, one of my favorite parts of Skyrim are the in-game books.  At any time, you can pull a book off the shelf, and get a nice fresh slice of lore to go along with your hearty adventures.  I’ve even gone so far as to break into houses in the middle of the night just to read their books.  After getting chided from the local guards, and shamefully ponying up bounty, I thought to myself, there has to be a better way.  Could I possibly take these fine narratives on the road with me, to read while I can’t be in front of the computer actually playing the game?

So, I took a look at how Skyrim actually stores these nuggets of incidental storytelling.  By the 9, it was in plain text! I pasted the book text into separate docs, slapped on headings, created a table of contents and a cover, and just like that, I can read my copy of The Lusty Argonian Maid on-the-go!  If you’d like to read this fine fiction on your own device, just download one of these files and throw it on your e-reader…

He then links to the file types. We’re not about to drain his traffic and give you the links here, so make sure you head to and snag the files for yourselves. They’re free, and they haven’t been pulled for copyright issues just yet.

[via Game Informer,]

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