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iPhone Users Are the Most Loyal

by Brandon Russell | November 28, 2011November 28, 2011 3:15 pm PST

iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy NexusIf we can agree on anything about iOS and Android, it’s that fans of both OS’s are a passionate bunch. While the mobile market continues to grow at an exponential rate, the war between companies – and supporters – is getting more fierce by the day, leading to an ongoing debate over which is the superior experience.

Consider this just more fuel for the fire. According to a new study by research firm GfK, Apple’s iPhone leads the charge when it comes to brand loyalty – in fact, they’re well ahead of the competition. Gfk interviewed around 4,500 consumers throughout Europe, Asia and the United States, finding that 84 percent of iPhone users said they would once again choose the iPhone as their next handset. In comparison, 60 percent of consumers who use Android said they would stick with the OS. On the BlackBerry front, only 48 percent said they would stay loyal to RIM.

Apple is clearly ahead of the game, but developments next year will challenge that, Ryan Garner, analyst at GfK, said.

It’s all about the seamless integration of features and content, more than 70 consumers said, so companies will need to focus on delivering the best ecosystem they can possibly offer as they head into the future. Of course, Apple leads in this category, but Google’s Android Market is gaining in popularity, and the gap may soon get smaller in the coming years.¬†With the impending release of Google’s much more focused Android 4.0, and the growing popularity of Windows Phone, Apple will need to stay on its game to stay ahead of the pack.

The scope for brands to lure customers from rivals has diminished and the richest rewards will go to those providers that can create the most harmonious user experience and develop this brand loyalty, GfK said.

How loyal are you?


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