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Google’s Chrome Browser to Introduce Support for Game Controllers & More Next Year

One of the advantages Android has over iOS, in my opinion, is that it features support for USB game controllers, allowing users to plug in a control pad and play their favorite titles just as they would on their console. It’s a feature I think would be a huge success on the iPhone and iPad, but would be any use in a web browser?

Google thinks so. In an update to its Google Chrome web browser, set to launch during the first quarter of 2012, the internet search giant plans to introduce support for game controllers that will make browser-based gaming all the more fun. It will also introduce support for cameras and microphones, without the need for a plug-in to operate them.

While the company is yet to make an official announcement for these features, SlashGear reports that one of its developers, Paul Kinlan, revealed the plans at Develop Liverpool — a conference and networking event for European game developers.

In addition to these features, Kinlan reportedly hinted that future Chrome-based games could also feature augmented reality support, and Kinect-like player tracking.

Though browser-based gaming doesn’t really appeal to me, I have to admit that Chrome’s upcoming features do sound exciting. The introduction of gamepad support could change the face of browser-based gaming, and could even see Google competing with the popular cloud-based gaming service OnLive.

What do you like to see gamepad support in Google Chrome, or do you think it’s just unnecessary?

[via SlashGear]

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