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Samsung Confirms Galaxy Nexus Will Hit the U.S. in December

Galaxy NexusIt’s not often that us Brits get the opportunity to enjoy new gadgets before they’re released in the U.S. — it’s usually the other way around. However, we’ve been slapping our dirty mitts all over the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for nearly a week now, and it’s arrival across the Atlantic is still nowhere to be seen. (That’s what you get for keeping the Kindle Fire from us.)

But don’t despair, my American friend; it will arrive in the U.S. in time for Christmas.

Having missed its rumored Verizon launch date of November 28, Samsung has reportedly confirmed to Business Insider that the Galaxy Nexus — which is the first device to ship with Google’s new Ice Cream Sandwich operating system — will launch in the U.S. in December:

We just got confirmation from Samsung that the Galaxy Nexus will launch on Verizon in December instead. Still no word on pricing or an exact release date.

Unfortunately, there’s no further information to accompany the report, such as when the device might arrive on other carriers, but it does provide U.S.-based Android fans with a glimmer of hope for a happy Christmas.

Whether it will launch with its Galaxy Nexus name tag is also a mystery at this point, with a leaked Best Buy ad suggesting the Verizon-bound LTE handset could instead regain its ‘Nexus Prime‘ moniker.

Whatever name it ends up with, I’m sure those of you in the U.S. will just be glad to see it finally arrive.

Will you be hoping to see the Galaxy Nexus before Christmas?

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