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Amazon May Sell 12 Million Kindle Fires In 2012

by Emily Price | November 23, 2011November 23, 2011 7:03 am EST

Kindle FireSo, just how popular is the Kindle Fire going to be?

According to Citi analyst Mark Mahaney, popular enough to sell 12 million in 2012. Mahaney estimates that Amazon’s Fire sales next year will equate to $3.2 billion in revenue, and will steal away 15% of the tablet market from Apple.

Speaking with All Things Digital Mahaney said, “With an aggressive pricing strategy, an unmatched content cross-sell opportunity, a market-smart form factor, and probable product improvements — Amazon can own a substantial segment of the Tablet market.”

There’s no doubt that the Kindle Fire sales are, well on Fire. $199 for an Android tablet is a deal that many people are excited about this holiday season, and is a price point that is likely to keep the buyers coming once the new year starts.

What do you think? Will Amazon be able to sell 12 million Kindle Fires next year? Do any of you own a Fire already? Anyone have plans to pick one up pre or post holiday season?

[via All Things Digital]

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