New Samsung Ad Pokes Fun at Apple, Customers

When you’re one of the biggest phones in the smartphone land, the next crop of competition is always around the corner looking to take over. For the iPhone, companies are constantly trying to convince consumers that the grass is greener on the other side.

A new ad from Samsung, set to hit TV sets on Thanksgiving, is unabashed in its approach toward Apple and its fan base. The commercial pokes fun at the hysteria that overcomes iPhone users during the build up to its annual launches as well as their blinding love for Cupertino’s devices. “Nine hours down and we’re almost in the door.”

Cue the Galaxy S II. After a series of cuts that highlight the shortcomings of Apple’s iPhone 4/iPhone 4S, line-goers suddenly begin pining for the superiorly spec’d Android-powered device.

The commercial is clever, funny and awesome, but taking shots at Apple’s customers doesn’t seem like a convincing way to sway consumers – and Apple diehards – to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S II.

“If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?” one guy in the commercial asks. You know what looks the same? The iPad and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. So much so that Samsung’s own lawyers couldn’t tell the difference.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell enjoys writing about technology and entertainment. When he's not watching Back to the Future, you can find him on a hike or watching...