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Check out this Gorgeous Fan-made Skyrim Time-lapse Video

What you see above is a stunning time-lapse video of the world of Bethesda‘s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The three minutes of sped up footage were put together by gamer and YouTube user WrenTheReaper. It’s a work that will likely inspire a few people the pick up the game for themselves.

Skyrim has been doing exceptionally well both critically and by measure of player love. This RPG will certainly be in discussions all over the web for Game of the Year when the time comes.

Brace yourselves for some terrible news, friends: I am resisting the temptation to buy Skyrim. Oh, believe me, I really, really want the game. You’re hearing from a guy that escaped the sewers in Oblivion and completely ignored the main quest for roughly 30 hours because of the silly world around him. This game is likely incredible, but I’ve found myself pushing it aside for one reason…

2011 has been an absolutely ridiculous year for gaming. The banner titles released this year are all unbelieveable, and I’m trying my hardest just to keep current with the tidal wave of games still rolling out. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would do nothing but keep me from playing everything else, and I simply can’t afford to get lost into a dragon slaying world for that long during this time of year.

So, Janurary it is then. When the gaming season has slowed to a lull and everything has been released, you’ll find me diving into the world of Skyrim for the first time. And I’ll probably be extremely late to the party of hype that surrounds it now, but I won’t mind at all.

Are any of you saving Skyrim until it’s the only game left to play?

Props go to Joystiq for tossing the video on their blog. After staring at it with my jaw slowly drifting to the floor, I figured I’d best do my part and share it with the TechnoBuffalo herd.

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