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Jak and Daxter Collection on PS3 Announced for February

By way of the official PlayStation Blog, Sony has just announced a brand new HD collection for Naughty Dog‘s classic Jak and Daxter franchise. The PlayStation 3 remastering will feature Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II and Jak 3. Each game will have both PlayStation Trophy support and stereoscopic 3D.

Sony has actually taken well to the remastering of PlayStation 2 and PSP games lately. Jak and Daxter marks one more title in their lineup of fan-favorite re-releases. It joins franchises like God of War, Sly Cooper, the recently released Metal Gear Solid and the works by Team Ico.

Given the love and adoration these brands have build between fans and Sony, it’s a smart move. While the collection may not move millions and millions of copies upon release, you can bet tons of fans will be heading out to stores to see this duo in remastered action as soon as the title is launched.

Jak and Daxter is absolutely one of Sony’s best franchises. Me? I’d love to see a collection for Ratchet & Clank or Crash Bandicoot. Hey, if we’re going to start piling these games together for play on the PlayStation 3, we may as well go after all of Sony’s best content.

Towards the end of the PlayStation Blog announcement of this collection, Sony took to remind fans that Jak and Daxter will be celebrating its 10th anniversary on December 4th. They go further to say that gamers can help them celebrate by checking the blog on that date. If any interesting news springs up, we’ll be all over it. Promise.

Until then, do you folks think the old gaming mechanics and standards we enjoyed during the life of the PlayStation 2 will still play well as gamers explore them on the PlayStation 3? Or, will they feel as aged as they actually are?

[via PlayStation Blog]

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