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Desert Bus Brings Driving Excitement to iOS, Android

by Joey Davidson | November 21, 2011November 21, 2011 11:00 pm PST

The most realistic simulation ever conceived by mankind is officially available on both the iOS and Android platforms. Mobile gamers, get your wallets ready, Desert Bus is set to blow your mind.

Can you drive from Las Vegas, Nevada to Tuscon, Arizona at 45mph in eights straight? You’ll have to if you want to stand a chance of beating this game. Of course, the alignment of your passenger-less bus is messed up, so you’ll have to constantly adjust the steering wheel in order to stay on the road and out of the brush.

If you’ve never experienced the glory that is Desert Bus, then you should probably know that all of this insanity is being done in the name of charity. Desert Bus for Hope is the charity that takes the proceeds from these sales and donates them directly to the Child’s Play foundation. You’ll spend $.99 on either the App Store or the Android Market, download your game, enjoy eight hours of driving “excitement” and have donated to charity in one single swoop.

Desert Bus was originally a part of Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors, an unreleased mini game collection once bound for the Sega CD system. The game was designed as a joke meant to give would-be players a few laughs. It was due in 1995. Canadian comedy group LoadingReadyRun made the Desert Bus for Hope charity in 2007 and took this title from obscurity to internet fame practically over night.

Now, officially, it’s the best game in the mobile market. Take that, Angry Birds. Take…that…

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