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Shareholder Support Falls Slightly for Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer BingIt looks like RIM‘s Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie aren’t the only ones falling out of favor with shareholders. Despite hitting record profits over the past year, a new report out of Reuters suggests Microsoft’s excitable CEO, Steve Ballmer, was slightly less popular amongst shareholders in the company’s latest board election. Still, his popularity hasn’t quite plummeted toward mutinous status in the way RIM’s co-CEOs have.

Results recently revealed that Ballmer was backed by shareholders representing 92 percent of shares – last year the CEO earned a backing of almost 95 percent. That’s still an A, if I’m not mistaken. Fellow partner in crime Bill Gates, now Chairman of Microsoft, was re-elected with more than 99 percent support, as were other directors.

Ballmer, who took over as Microsoft’s CEO in 2000, received a slight knock because some shareholders are beginning to question his ability to lead the company into the mobile computing era. Despite this, nearly 5.4 billion shares were voted for Ballmer.

Although Microsoft has largely been playing catch up this past year on the mobile front, these shareholders must not have heard how Microsoft’s mobile OS is beginning to gain in popularity among the developer community, not to mention the first “true” Windows Phone has finally hit the market. The moves are being made, and Windows Phone┬áis starting to win over fans, including our own Jon Rettinger.

Has your interest in Windows Phone grown recently?


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