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Minecraft 1.0 Launching Today, Last Chance to Buy it Cheaply

Minecraft will officially launch without its year-old beta tag today during Markus “Notch” Persson’s keynote presentation at Minecon in Las Vegas. The news comes by way of Mojang’s Jens Bergensten on Twitter:

“Minecraft will be released during Notch‘s keynote today!”

What does that mean for you potential customers? If you haven’t picked up Minecraft already but have always had at least some level of passing interest, there are literally only a few hours left in your opportunity to buy it at a discount price. During the beta phase of Minecraft, Mojang has been selling the game for 75% of its eventual full price. Once it launches today, that deal is done.

So, when, exactly, is your last chance to pick up Minecraft at a discount? Notch’s keynote presentation is set to start at 1pm and run until 2:30pm PST. That’s roughly five hours from the moment we began authoring this post, assuming the beta ends as soon as the keynote begins.

Minecraft is a fantastic game that offers up a genuinely one of a kind experience to those that buy it. If you’ve been considering it, I say you do it now before you have to pay full price. Plus, one million years from now when you are awoken from cryosleep, you can tell the future race that you were a beta tester for Minecraft. They won’t know it was only for a mere few hours in time, they’ll just instantly promote you to the position of Moon Mayor.

We feel like not buying the game now would be a strike against intergalactic politics. Don’t be a stellar stick in the mud, do it for science.

We’ll have more on the future of this blockbuster as it comes, so stay tuned.

Also, check out the TechnoBuffalo Minecraft server!

[via Twitter]

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