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Saints Row 3 Gets You Saints Row 2 for Free on PS3

by Joey Davidson | November 17, 2011November 17, 2011 7:15 am PST

Back at E3 in June, THQ and Sony announced that exclusive Saints Row: The Third content would be heading to the PlayStation 3 upon the game’s fall release. It was, supposedly, to be set around the game’s signature weapon.

Well, so far, that hasn’t happened. In fact, given that the title released this past Tuesday and we’ve yet to see any exclusive content of the nature described above, some had actually seen this as another vanishing Sony exclusive.

However, it seems that THQ and Sony have come up with a different, exceptional offer to take the place of what we once thought we were getting. Everyone that buys Saints Row: The Third for the PlayStation 3 before next February will be able to download a free copy of Saints Row 2.

Here are the exact details of this sweet, sweet offer as per the PlayStation Blog:

Saints Row 2 will be available for free starting early next week for all players who redeem their online pass in each new copy of Saints Row: The Third. The offer expires at midnight on February 13, 2012, so be sure to redeem your online pass before then. And for those of you who have already done so, keep an eye out early next week for the content. This offer applies to the United States, Canada, and Mexico only.

I’ve heard both awesome and hilarious things about Volition’s Saints Row: The Third. It’s managed to stand out as one of the best games to release this fall season, which, given the current landscape of titles, is an accomplishment in and of itself. If you’ve even been considering the title in passing and you are a PlayStation 3 gamer, maybe this offer will be enough to push you into making the purchase.

I will say, however, that you might be smart to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday as I’m sure at least one retailer will have a good enough deal on Saints Row: The Third that will make this whole thing irresistible.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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