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Batman: Arkham City’s Secret Big Head Mode (Video)

Big Head Mode, I miss you so much. You used to be a regularly featured code and unlock in games of yore like GoldenEye, NBA Jam and Blitz. Then? You sort of went by the wayside with all the other silly easter eggs we all grew up loving. Now, you’re back…and you picked an awesome game to show up in once more.

Batman: Arkham City, the Game of the Year contender from Rocksteady Studios, features a Big Head Mode easter egg. Watch the video above from Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter, if you haven’t already, and prepare for cute overload.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I am positively terrified of booting up my copy of Arkham City (thanks to the awesome disappearing save file glitch 360 owners are contending with), I would have already given this Big Head secret a go. Instead, I’ll have to live vicariously through videos look the one above and comments from readers like you.

So, how is this secret? Did you find it easy to replicate? What do you think about these types of hidden gems and cheats when they pop up?

[via Game Informer]

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