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Samsung Tweaks Galaxy Tab 10.1 For German Relaunch

Samsung has reportedly tweaked its 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab so it can be sold in Germany. Called the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, the tablet was slightly redesigned in order to get around an injunction Apple won earlier this year banning sales of the original in the country.

Apple claimed that Samsung had copied the design of the iPad with its original Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the German courts agreed. The biggest visible difference you’ll notice between the original and updated 10.1 is a new metal frame around the exterior of the tablet that wraps around to the front of the device. Little is known about what other changes may have been made.

Apple is currently in the middle of several different lawsuits with Samsung over the similarities between the two company’s products. Apple could, of course, sue Samsung over the Galaxy Tab 10.1N and potentially win an injunction against its sale as well.

[via MacRumors]


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