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iPhone is Top Choice Among Enterprise Users

iPhone BusinessHow times have changed. A new survey suggests the iPhone has surpassed RIM’s BlackBerry as the go-to device among enterprise users. Back in 2007 when the first iPhone was released, not many people would have predicted such an outcome.

The numbers, according to a quarterly iPass Mobile Workforce report, reveal the iPhone’s business use has grown over the past year, at 45 percent market share compared to 31 percent in 2010. That’s not to say BlackBerry phones have been shunned in the business setting.

The BlackBerry has not really fallen from the top spot in so much as other smartphones have grown faster. BlackBerry market share has only declined slightly from 35% in 2010 to 32% today, while Android nearly doubled market share year over year, growing into the number three spot (surpassing Nokia/Symbian) with a 21% market share. This is reflective of more choice in the enterprise … 73% of enterprises now allow non-IT managed devices to access corporate resources.

The key here is more choice. Survey responses were gathered between September 27 – October 26 of this year. That time frame would have pitted RIM against Apple’s iPhone 4S, while Android phones were hitting the market fast and furious. In addition, RIM was enduring a tumultuous stretch of bad PR because of their service outage, among other debacles.

Heading into the new year, BlackBerry may even lose out at second place to Android. Eighteen percent of survey respondents said they would receive or purchase an iPhone in 2012, while 11% said Android. Four percent said Microsoft Windows Phone, and only 2% said BlackBerry.

If RIM fails to hang on to business customers going forward, who knows where the company will be in two, or even one, years time. We’d like to think the company has a strong enough foundation, but with such dissidence within the company, not to mention dwindling developer support, it’s hard to imagine the company making a recovery.

Here’s how 2010 compared to 2011:

  • Blackberry: 34.5% in 2010, 32.2% in 2011
  • iPhone: 31.1% vs 45%
  • Android: 11.3% vs 21.3%
  • Symbian/Nokia: 12.4% vs 7.4%
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile: 9.6% vs 5.5%
  • Other: 7.4% vs 2.1%

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