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Was Apple Planning on Releasing an iPhone 5?

by Emily Price | November 14, 2011November 14, 2011 5:00 pm PST

iPhone 5 Blurred PhoneWas Apple planning on releasing an iPhone 5 after all? According to an “industry source” speaking with Business Insider, Apple was working on a totally redesigned iPhone 5 and only scrapped the project a few months before the iPhone 4S was released.

The source claims to have spent two weeks with a prototype of an iPhone. The phone is question had a 4-inch screen and was made out of in-house material, however, Apple was expected to release the final version with an aluminum back like the iPad. The color profile on the prototype handset was messed up, leading the source to believe a nicer screen was coming with the updated handset as well. The phone was also thinner and faster than the iPhone 4/4S, and was expected to ship with a 10-megapixel camera. Apple was also reportedly looking into colored metal paint for future iPhones, allow the phones to be released in colors much like the iPod Nano.

So, what happened?

According to BI’s source, Steve Jobs was unhappy with the larger screen on the phone – arguing that it would fragment iPhones, a huge complaint amongst Android owners.

What do you think? Was Apple actually working on an iPhone with an improved screen? Do you think we’ll see some of these improvements in the next generation of the handset instead?

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