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Battlefield 3’s Tactical Lights Dimming in Upcoming Patch

by Joey Davidson | November 14, 2011November 14, 2011 10:45 am PST

If you’ve played the multiplayer component of Battlefield 3 (which, if you own the game and you haven’t, you’re making a terrible mistake), then you’ve likely crossed paths with an opponent or teammate making use of the tactical light attachment.

The point of the light is to temporarily blind players. One of the large complaints rumbling around during the beta testing phase of Battlefield 3 was that the light was both insanely bright and worked at far too obnoxious of a distance. You could be like 30 or 40 virtual feet from your foe and wind up completely blinded by his light. Battlefield 3 saw its full retail release, and the light complaints remained unaddressed.

Now, Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer for Battlefield 3 at DICE, has Tweeted a few images related to the tactical light issues. Among them are both what the current light looks like and what the light will look like after the patch. Here they are, before and after.


Lights will still be able to blind players with largely the same effect from within a close enough range, as they were designed, but we’ll no longer be dealing with low visibility regardless of virtual distance.

No word has been given regarding when gamers will see the change above implemented into their games. We assume the PC version will catch the patch first, given that the PC platform is an easier one to adress and update. Console gamers will likely need to wait, but the difference between the two releases probably won’t be all that long.

As more news comes out of Battlefield 3 and any of its post-launch content, changes or patches, we’ll be on it. For now, with both titles being out, which game between Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are you folks digging more?

[via PC Gamer]

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