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Artist Prints and Displays 24 Hours Of Flickr Photos

by Emily Price | November 13, 2011November 13, 2011 4:10 pm PST

Flickr is currently home to over a million new photos a day taken from everything from high-end SLRs to built-in cameras in phones .

So what does a million photos look like?

Photographer Erik Kessels’ current installation at the Foam gallery in Amsterdam attempts to show how we’re “drowning in representations of other peoples’ experiences” by filling several rooms of the gallery with printouts of all of the photographs uploaded to the site in a single day.

Pictures of the actual exhibit are pretty fantastic looking. There’s no way you could possibly navigate through all of the photos represented in the display, but that that there are so many (presumably very different) photos is somewhat intriguing.

Hit up the Foam Gallery’s page for more pictures of the exhibit. What do you think about the idea? Do sites like Flickr, Facebook, etc. make us drown in representations of other people’s experiences?

[via Gizmodo]

Emily Price

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