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Nintendo Close to Finishing Second Tablet Support for Wii U?

by Joey Davidson | November 9, 2011November 9, 2011 9:00 pm PDT

While the jury is obviously still out on the potential of Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U, part of what the world has already been able to judge the system on stems from its input methods. The Wii U will, as it’s currently being discussed, make use of one tablet/controller hybrid device and additional inputs from Wii Remotes. Player one has the tablet, players two through whatever have their old Wii controllers.

For a lot of folks that were initially interested in the Wii U as their next big console purchase, news that only one tablet controller could be used per system was a little jarring. I’ve personally seen comments from readers which indicated that single fact would be the reason they avoided the Wii U altogether.

For those people, there is now hope. According to a report posted on Develop, Nintendo seems to be nearing a solution that will allow gamers to use two tablet controllers at once on the upcoming console. Here’s Develop with the news:

“A trusted game development executive has said there are numerous indications within the Wii U codebase that the console is, at the very least, being prepared to operate with two touch-screen pads.”

The premise of the Wii U’s tablet device is that gamers will be able to interact with their games in unique ways. Not only is the tablet a touch screen space for inventory management, map exploration and gameplay, it also serves as a secondary way to play games on the console. You can turn your TV off while playing the Wii U and have all of the on-screen information streamed onto the tablet.

That type of streaming likely takes a lot of console horsepower. Multiply it by two for two tablets. Nintendo, according to Develop’s source, is close to solving the problematic power requirement that comes from working two stream-capable tablets at once on the Wii U.

The next big question? How much will these tablets cost?

[via Develop]

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