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Modern Warfare 3’s Secret MOAB Killstreak Trickles Out

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 featured a unique Killstreak reward that a large faction of the playing audience generally despised. The tactical nuke was a gift for whoever earned it, and a punishment for everyone else that didn’t, including said player’s fellow teammates.

25 death-less kills earned you the tactical nuke. Set the device off and you kill everyone on the map and win the round, instantly.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 features a brand new 25 Killstreak reward that most players will actually like (assuming, of course, that they don’t hate the entire idea of Killstreaks). The MOAB, short for “Mother of all Bombs,” is awarded to the player that scores 25 kills without dying during a round. They’ll be able to call in a bombing run that kills all enemies on the map, disables enemy equipment for a full minute, turns the level hazy and earns that player’s team double experience for the remainder of the game.

As the video above (one that we found by way of CVG) shows, again, gameplay continues after the MOAB falls. So, it’s entirely possible that your team can get hit by the streak and still win the game you’re playing. You’ll have to overcome a, we’re assuming, large opponent lead, but the game doesn’t stop once the streak happens.

The Call of Duty franchise is one that’s become a system of tweaks rather than reinventions. As new games come out every single year, the developing studios behind the products spend more time adjust finite details than overhauling engines and gameplay. That shows when it comes to the decisions made in the arena of multiplayer rewards and retention.

What do you think of the MOAB as opposed to the tactical nuke?

[via CVG]

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