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Kindle Fire May Give the iPad a Run for its Money

by Emily Price | November 9, 2011November 9, 2011 7:02 am PST

The Kindle Fire may be an actual contender against the iPad. A ChangeWave survey polled 2,600 people and found that 5% of respondents had already purchased a Kindle Fire and 12% were somewhat likely to purchase one in the future.

ChangeWave conducted a similar survey in 2010 before the launch of the iPad and found only 4% had already purchased the device and 9% were likely to do so. Of course, since then tablets have become a bit more mainstream, which may attribute in part to the number bump.

One interesting tidbit from the ChangeWave study is that over a quarter of respondents said they would buy a Kindle Fire over purchasing an iPad.

The bump in numbers does suggest that the Kindle Fire is an actual contender against the iPad. The Fire is priced at just $199, and has much of the same functionality as a $499 iPad such as video streaming and web browsing. For many customers the Fire may fill the need for a tablet, while keeping $300 in their pocket in the process.

What do you think? Is the Kindle Fire a real contender against the iPad? Would you consider buying a Fire over an iPad?

[via BGR]

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