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Justice Department Eager To Go To Trial In AT&T-Mobile Case

by Emily Price | November 8, 2011November 8, 2011 1:04 pm PST

AT&T and T-Mobile Merge (Text Logo)It looks like AT&T is up for quite the challenge in its proposed merger with T-Mobile.

The U.S. Justice Department filed an antitrust challenge against the merger back in August, citing that a merger of two of the countries top four mobile carriers would result in less competition and higher prices for consumers.

In Senate hearing today Attorney General Eric Holder said “There is a trial team that is in place and they are ready and eager to go to court,” when asked if the Justice Department planned on being in the case “for the long haul.”

AT&T originally projected completing its merger with T-Mobile to be completed in the first quarter of 2012. It recently changed that projection to the first half of 2012, and also requested documents from Sprint regarding its recent sales number t help aid in its defense.

What do you think about the AT&T/T-Mobile merger? Should the two be allowed to join forces?

[via WSJ]

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