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Bleszinski Says There’s More Potential in the Xbox 360

A good chunk of the gaming community has recently been clamoring for the need of a new console generation. PC gamers are yelling about how today’s machines are holding their rigs back, while console gamers keep insisting that the PS4 and Xbox Next are right around the corner.

However, it seems that some developers believe there’s still room to grow with today’s hardware.

According to Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski, there is more design potential within the Xbox 360. In speaking with EDGE, Bleszinski was asked directly about the challenge that came from developing his studio’s recent Gears of War 3. His answer? Pushing the tech…

“Pushing the Xbox [360] even further. We’re kind of at that point where in the SNES [days] they started using Mode 7 in ways you never expected.

We’re now at at the point where it’s not learning how to use the hardware, it’s learning to trick the hardware into doing what you want it to do. The first thing I was ecstatic about was the new lighting…we’re at the point where an artist can just let the lighting breathe, a nice brick wall can just be a nice brick wall; it doesn’t need 8000 pipes layered on it.”

Bleszinski’s statement about the Super Nintendo should strike a chord with the older gamers among us. We all remember the end of the console’s lifecycle and the breathtaking games that were coming out. Compared to the look of the launch lineup, the Super Nintendo’s later catalogue almost felt like it was developed for a completely separate generation.

Bleszinski also indicated a bit of what it takes to make great looking games with today’s hardware.

“It’s just a matter of code magic, time and effort. I don’t know how much longer the 360 will be around, but I’m sure that if we have a product coming out before the end of [its] lifecycle we’ll continue to try and squeeze more water from that stone.”

Do you folks think there’s more potential to be found within the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms? Or is it time for new hardware from each manufacturer?

[via EDGE]

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