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Is Siri Headed to Older iDevices?

by Brandon Russell | November 7, 2011November 7, 2011 2:15 pm PST

Siri, Apple’s brand new, exclusive iPhone 4S feature, is reportedly being tested on previous iDevices, a new rumor suggests.

When the 4S was announced back in October, many thought the voice assistant relied on the A5 chip’s extra power to run. Not so. Thanks to some crafty developers, we know that’s a bunch of baloney. Getting the software ready for us common folk is another matter entirely, however.

Today, Jailbreak Nation, citing a source close to Apple, claims Siri is potentially headed for older iDevices in a new software update, meaning no hacking involved. Apple employees have reportedly been given access to special software that will allow Siri to function on a device like last year’s iPhone 4, but no word on when or if the update will be available. The software is merely in the testing phase, but all accounts say everything runs smooth as silk.

Remember, Siri was once a third-party app available in the App Store until Apple bought the company early last year. Back then, the software was capable of running on any device, but it was removed early last month to make way for its inclusion on the iPhone 4S.

Siri is an enormous marketing tool for Apple and one of only a few distinguishing features over last year’s model, so it’s hard to imagine Apple further blurring the line between the two. Just because Siri was tested on a device like an iPhone 4 doesn’t mean it’s going to be released. When Apple hits us with new products, they always include a feature hoping to entice people to upgrade or to attract new customers, so offering big software like Siri on an older device would in all likelihood draw way too much attention away from the iPhone 4S.

While the iPhone 4 is more than capable of running Siri, the probability that it will find its way to the device is next to none. When asked if she was joining last year’s iPhone 4, Siri said she didn’t understand. We’ll bring you more when we get it.

Would you buy an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S if both offered Siri?


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