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Invite Mobile Broadband Into Your Home With Three’s New Dongle Adapter

by Killian Bell | November 7, 2011November 7, 2011 5:00 pm PST

Three mobile broadband dongle adapter

I moved house earlier this week and while our internet provider moved our service to the new address, I used a mobile broadband dongle from Three to stay connected. It was actually a pleasant experience; I got a good connection, and I could use the internet in pretty much the same way I did before without exceeding my data limit.

There was one downside, however. No one else could take advantage of the connection, and I couldn’t use it on my iPhone, my iPad, or my PlayStation 3 (not that it would be great for online gaming). That’s all about to change, however, thanks to a new mobile broadband dongle adapter from Three.

This (yet to be priced) piece of kit allows you to plug in nearly any existing Three mobile broadband dongle and convert it into a Wi-Fi hotspot, sharing your 3G connection around your home. You can connect up to 5 devices wirelessly, and there’s even an Ethernet port in the back for a wired connection.

It works in very much the same way as one of Three’s Mi-Fi devices, but it’s designed to stay in your home or office. It’s great for those who can get a better HSPA+ data connection using a mobile broadband dongle than they can from traditional home broadband.

I can certainly see the benefit of Three’s new dongle adapter, but I’m not entirely convinced it’s a better alternative to Mi-Fi. I mean, the great thing about Mi-Fi is not only can you share your 3G connection at home, but you can take it anywhere.

Three hasn’t specified a release date for the new device, but it does state that it will be ready for Christmas wish-lists.

What do you think of Three’s dongle adapter?

Killian Bell

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