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43% Of All Mobile Users Have Smartphones (And More of Those Are Androids)

Interesting Q3 stats from Nielsen confirm what we all knew to be true — the use of smartphones is growing. At this point, way more than a third of all mobile users have a smartphone, at 43 percent — which is huge, if you consider that older generations have a rep for adopting technology slowly.

Drill down into the younger demographic, and the proportion is predictably greater: A whopping 62 percent of mobile users ages 25–34 are sporting an advanced cellie. Here’s the breakdown.

Percent of mobile users with smartphones:

Ages 65+: 18%
Ages 55–64: 30%
Ages 45–54: 39%
Ages 35–44: 53%
Ages 25–34: 62%
Ages 18–24: 54%
Ages 13–17: 38%

The numbers do start to wane if you go younger or older than 25–34. And what might surprise some is the teen bracket: Wouldn’t kids be all over modern technology, more so than that measly 38 percent figure would suggest? Well, yeah… assuming they have a parent willing to pay for an advanced handset and related service for Junior. (I betcha that factors in way more when it comes to teen ownership than simply desire.)

Instead, the truly surprising stat might belong to the 55–64 segment: While only 30 percent of these users have a smartphone, that number actually represents a 5 percent jump in one quarter. (So much for that “older people don’t like technology” line of thinking.)

Of course, you can’t talk about smartphones without talking about platforms and manufacturers. According to Nielsen, Android is the operating system of choice for 43 percent of all smartphone users in the U.S., making it the country’s most popular mobile OS. In contrast, Apple only has a 28 percent share — though, as a single maker of iPhones/the iOS platform, that figure also makes it the most popular individual smartphone manufacturer.

Do any of these findings surprise you? Thrill or aggravate you? Let us know if you think these numbers look spot-on or not in the comments.

[via NielsenWire]

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