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Weekly Gaming Poll: Does Violence in Video Games Matter?

Welcome to this brand-spankin’-new TechnoBuffalo feature we’re going to try and run once every week. We’ve got ourselves an outstanding, talkative community and we’re looking to harness that and spur it along with a weekly debate topic.

So, every Friday, I’ll toss up a debatable challenge, you folks will vote and discuss. I’ll also be posting the results of the previous week’s poll with a little editorialization.

This week, because of today’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 leak controversy, we’ve decided to drudge up one of gaming’s age-old, hard-fought battles…violence in games. We’d like to hear you thoughts on how much violence matters in gaming, or if it matters at all.

But, before we get there, let’s talk about last week’s poll.

Competitive multiplayer clearly had a dominant win… which, honestly, surprises me. I enjoy both the campaign and multiplayer portions of most games I own, but I typically buy products more for their single player elements.

Sure, with Battlefield 3, I’m loving the multiplayer a lot more than the campaign. However, given the types of games I normally play, this is an exception. I bought Uncharted 3 for the single player. I can say the same for Gears of War 3 and Batman: Arkham City (which has no multiplayer). In fact, the campaign component of a game is typically what drives me to buy it.

I get so much more worth out of a game’s storyline, if it’s good. I’ll be looking back on the Uncharted  franchise 10 years from now, and, you know what? I won’t be thinking about the maps or the unlocks in the multiplayer. I’ll be thinking about the story.

But, hey, I’m one person. You folks obviously love competitive gaming. For that, I salute you.

Now, onto this week’s poll…

Joey Davidson

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