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Steve Jobs, iPhone Voted Most Influential in Gaming Industry

Well, this makes my heart ache. Steve Jobs and the iPhone, according to survey results from 1,000 gaming professionals, have shaped the video game industry more than any other human or platform. You read that right, Apple has had more impact on the gaming industry than Sony, Microsoft, Sega and Nintendo.

I sense a disturbance in the force…it’s as if millions of nerds cried out in agony and were suddenly silenced.

The results come from 1,000 gaming industry professionals that were polled before the London Games Conference. Given the small percentage points in the top five charts I’m about to give you, one can assume that the votes were distributed all over the place.

Top 5 Game Industry Shaping People

Steve Jobs – 26%
Gabe Newell – 16%
Shigeru Miyamoto – 7%
Tim Berners-Lee – 4%
Mark Zuckerberg – 3%

Top 5 Game Industry Shaping Platforms

iPhone – 17%
Wii-  7%
Xbox LIVE – 3%
PlayStation 1 – 3%
Steam – 2%

Apple and Jobs beat the father of Mario and Zelda, the co-founder of Valve and designer of Half-Life and several of the gaming medium’s best platforms.

Given the fact that I’m the resident gaming writer here on TechnoBuffalo’s staff, you can probably assume that my biases lie with actual gaming companies. I remember a time when gaming with Apple was a hilarious oxymoron. In fact, I still think it is. Yes, the App Store has sent waves through the gaming industry, but there’s no way one could consider it more influential than 3D gaming (not the 3D illusion, but virtual 3D), online gaming, Super Mario, Motion Control, the analog stick, the PC first person shooter or the father of Steam.

I’m sorry, I just don’t buy the results. I feel like the only thing the iPhone has done for the industry is made copycatting, lack of quality assurance and cheap development acceptable.

Perhaps the 1,000 people willing to take the survey were mobile game developers and publishers (and Facebook game designers…10 people actually voted for Mark Zuckerberg). Everyone else was probably too busy quality testing their products.

Where do you folks stand? Have Steve Jobs and Apple’s iPhone done more to shape the industry than every other person and product involved?

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