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Is this Impossibly Bad Nintendo 3DS Commercial Real? (Video)

by Joey Davidson | November 2, 2011November 2, 2011 9:00 pm PDT

I’m not crazy, right? The commercial is horrific, isn’t it? I’m usually a proponent of all consoles and devices being sold. I’ve argued that each system, old and new, has its ups and downs that should be considered when either loving or loathing said device. But this? This commercial makes it seem like Nintendo is totally okay with alienating themselves from the gaming market and becoming a complete joke.

The Nintendo 3DS is a machine that saw tough waters at launch, performed poorly at retail and suffered a major price cut within months of its release. Nintendo has been working to improve the system’s identity. In fact, did you notice how often 3D is emphasized in the commercial above? Not once. It’s not even mentioned in passing.

But the ad itself? Wowsers. It’s that bad. It’s almost as if the marketing team spent three weeks in seclusion with nothing but Progressive Insurance ads running on repeat, slowly driving them insane.

A much, much better commercial was released; but, as a friend put it, the damage has been done. Here’s that minute-long spot:

The only thing keeping hope alive at this point is the potential that the commercial all the way up top is not real. It’s not hosted at any of Nintendo’s official YouTube pages, and I’ve yet to see it run on television. That said, we can always assume it’s fake. Right…right?

Have any of you readers seen the commercials above on television yet?

[via GoNintendo]

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