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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime Stops by the FCC

Transformer Prime

You’re killing us, Asus. First the Kal-El equipped Transformer Prime made an appearance at the AllThingsD AsiaD conference. Then it was shown off in the wild wearing its Apple-like keyboard dock. Oh, and just yesterday there was that revealing Eee Pad Strategy slide giving away the expected release date. So, what’s next?

Traveling to what we hope will be its final destination before hitting our expectant hands, the Transformer Prime has shown up once again via the FCC. Even though it’s just a render, the mere mention of Nvidia’s quad-core Kal-El processor is enough to get us more than excited. The documents reveal nothing new of note, but at least we know this beast will soon be ours, with Ice Cream Sandwich coming to the device at a later date.

What network(s) will it be on? What are the exact specs? Boy, the November 9 launch date can’t come soon enough. We’ll bring you more information when it becomes available.

Are you excited?


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