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Spotify Gift Cards Hit U.K. Just in Time for Christmas

by Killian Bell | November 1, 2011November 1, 2011 7:11 am PST

Spotify gift cards at MorrisonsWorrying about what you’ll buy your loved ones this Christmas? How about giving them unlimited access to 15 million songs on-demand with a Spotify gift card? They’ve just begin hitting the U.K. and they allow you to purchase Spotify credit in £10, £30, and £50 denominations.

The cards will make their debut in Morrisons, the supermarket, and will sit alongside gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, and more. However, they won’t remain exclusive to Morrisons, according to the company, which says it has plans to expand to “many more retail shops in the near future.”

Recipients of the Spotify gift card can either use the credit against a Spotify subscription, which will allow them to stream as many tracks as they wish on-demand, or they can use it to purchase tracks to keep. A £10 (approx. $16) card will cover one month of a Spotify Premium subscription, 2 months of Spotify Unlimited, or 15 music downloads. The card will provide them with a PIN code which they can then redeem on the Spotify website.

Spotify has allowed you to gift subscriptions before, but rather than fancy gift cards, you had to purchase ‘e-cards‘ online and then print out the voucher. Proper gift cards should make gifting Spotify subscriptions easier, and all the more popular.

Spotify gift cards will certainly make Christmas gift buying easier this year for a number of my friends and relatives. Are you pleased that they’re now available?

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