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iTunes Match: The Mystery Of The Missing Apple Feature

The latest iPhone 4S has been among the masses for weeks now. Sure, iOS 5 updating was not a joy, but eventually people got their hands on it (while others got a little Siri-ed out in the process). iCloud is up, and users are enjoying their new notifications. But amid all this, there’s still one piece of the puzzle missing.

Just where exactly is iTunes Match? Didn’t Apple promise it would arrive by the end of October? And yet yesterday came and went without this little Halloween treat in the bag.

Well, actually, the late-October timeframe that was announced might have been a delay to begin with. iTunes Match had been included in the developer versions of iTunes (v10.5), but by the time public release landed a few weeks ago, iOS 5 and iCloud support went out sans iTunes Match. Then it looked like it was slated for the next version, v10.5.1, as the developer builds seemed to have it. Adding more credence to that notion, Apple even trained its store staffers about the feature, likely in anticipation of having to handle customer inquiries alongside its debut.

It all sounds pretty encouraging, except…

…the devs noticed something: Apple, which has been known to wipe out beta users’ iTunes Match libraries, erased them again last Thursday. The developer betas of 10.5.1 also expired today. Meanwhile, there’s no public release of iTunes 10.5.1 yet. In other words, there’s no service, no access to the feature, no new beta, no final build and no announcement about just what the heck is going on. So, true to Apple form, it’s like a mystery with no explanation in sight.

Where do you stand? Are you annoyed by the delay and the cone of silence around this, or are you content to wait for as long as it takes for the company to resolve things and deliver a polished feature?

[via MacRumors, image via Verge/This Is My Next]

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