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Indie Game “Voxatron” Makes Its Pay-What-You-Want Debut

by Joey Davidson | November 1, 2011November 1, 2011 6:00 am PST

By now, many gamers around the world are familiar with The Humble Bundle project. This company takes indie games — whether in beta, alpha or post-launch stages — tucks them into large packs of other games and sells them to consumers for whatever they’re willing to spend. That means you can buy quality indie games from as little as a penny to as much as your bank account can afford.

You can also dictate how your money gets split amongst those involved in the project, i.e. The Humble Bundle company and the charities it supports (Child’s Play and the EFF). As of this writing, the company has sold more than $7 million in bundles and given more than $2.3 million to charity.

At this point, the Humble Bundle features a single game still sitting in its alpha stages: Voxatron. On sale for a period of roughly 13 days, this top-down, old school, voxel-based shooter features a nice, retro-ish art style, 20 levels, a map editor and a ton of stuff to blow up…one voxel at a time.

“What’s a voxel,” you ask? Well, it’s basically a pixel in 3D. A voxel occupies three-dimensional space on a given set of planes, rather than the two dimensions a pixel usually accounts for. They’re used in all sorts of games, but one you may be able to recognize instantly is Minecraft. In effect, Minecraft is a 3D voxel editor, where the blocks you place during your builds are voxels. In fact, the whole Minecraft world is built from individual voxels.

So the moral of this story is: Pay what you want for a brand new indie game that features fun mechanics and a gorgeous art style. The software is DRM-free and works across all platforms; once you land the download link, you’ll be able to play Voxatron on your PC, Mac and Linux machines.

[via Humble Bundle]

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