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Battlefield 3 becomes EA’s Largest Launch, 5 Million Sold

The epic shooter from the folks at DICE and EA has, according to a recent press release from the publisher, sold more than five million copies on a worldwide level. The statistics cover the first week of Battlefield 3‘s retail availability, and the figure makes the game EA’s largest release ever.

Despite the fact that a lot of Battlefield 3 gamers have complained about EA’s server problems and downtime, the release from the company reports that the shooter experienced a 98.9% uptime stability over the course of this last weekend. They also included this little statistical tidbit: “Battlefield 3 fans executed 73M savior kills, 48M revives and destroyed 67M vehicles…”

It prides me to say that my time playing the Assault Class has yielded at least three dozen of those 48,000,000 revives.

Also in the release was a quote from Patrick Soderlund, Executive Vice President of the EA Games Label:

“From Tokyo to Los Angeles, Sydney to London, millions of fans have been playing all weekend long — we are overwhelmed by the global response toBattlefield 3…It is extremely gratifying to deliver an entertainment experience that delights our fans, and to have the opportunity to introduce new people to the franchise. Already, we are seeing unprecedented play times and online activity which is very rewarding. This launch solidifies Battlefield as a leading entertainment brand.”

Both EA and fans have been pitting Battlefield 3 directly across from Activision‘s upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as a contestant for the best military shooter coming this year. While Battlefield 3 certainly has had a brilliant start for EA, it will likely have sold less in its first week than Modern Warfare 3 will sell on day one.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, the last entry in the brand, sold more than 7 million copies on its launch day.

We’ll have more on both franchises as news comes.

[via EA]

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