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New Nook Coming For Holiday Season Nov. 7?

by Mike Perlman | October 29, 2011October 29, 2011 11:00 am PST


Various rumors have been circulating about a new Nook from Barnes and Noble, but it wasn’t until recently that the conjecture began to amalgamate into plausible certainty. According to The Digital Reader, a few Barnes and Noble inside sources have provided fairly compelling accounts on the possibility of a new Nook product to be released on November 7th. One of the tipsters leaked the following update:

Every morning at work, we have a meeting. We discuss everything from new cafe product to books and music/dvd releases, as well as store goals. This morning, during our meeting, we were talking about this brand new NOOK department. Nook has never been considered a department, ever. Our store has went through an entire makeover the past couple weeks. We discontinued music/dvd/and audiobooks. we expanded Toys/Games to the back as a new department. in the center we took away the customer service counter and built a massive NOOK boutique. This space is HUGE, with bright lights, LED TVS, touch screen POS systems, the works. Our manager told us, this space was not designed to house just 2 nooks. He was being candid, he said, November 7th there will be a major announcement from the company. he concluded saying it was exciting times. Obviously something is coming.

The Wall Street Journal has also reported that Barnes and Noble will double the size of its Nook boutiques within the coming weeks for the holiday season. With three identical tips from Barnes and Noble employees in addition to the nationwide Nook boutique expansion, it looks like the Kindle will be receiving some fierce competition this holiday season. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Digital Reader reported last month that Barnes and Noble has a $349 tablet in the pipeline called the Acclaim. Perhaps Barnes and Noble is setting up to launch the Acclaim on November 7th?

What features do you think Barnes and Noble will bring to the new Nook(s)?

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