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RIP, Sony Ericsson Featurephones, WebOS Next?

by Adriana Lee | October 27, 2011October 27, 2011 3:00 pm PST

Now that Sony has gotten total control over Sony Ericsson, what will it do next? Dump any and all featurephone initiatives, says Sony prez and CEO Sir Howard Stringer. The focus from here on out, he says, will be on smartphones.

The logical assumption would be that Sony Ericsson will be all “Android ahoy!” since it has already been in bed with the OS, right? But, well… not so fast. When Sir Howard was asked about the possibility of pursuing a different platform, he didn’t say no, per se. The other platform in question was webOS, and considering HP has cut the operating system loose from the hardware, it could be ripe for the plucking. Seems the exec knows this too, because he was practically coquettish about the inquiry, to which he replied, “Never say never.” (Now what do you suppose that means?)

If a Sony Ericsson webOS phone comes out, would you consider it?

[via Pocket-lint]

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